Our Coffees

High quality, ethically sourced, roasted to allow the coffee to do the talking for itself. We try to share the same passion in the roasting that was shared by the farmer’s care from origin. All roasting is done in small batches on our Diedrich IR5 Roaster.

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Our Process


Our transparent process is traceable bean to cup. We partner with Canadian Coffee Brokers who search out high-quality, ethically sourced coffees from regions around the world. Purchasing ethically sourced green beans ensures the farmers are paid above market value, allowing them to provide and care for their families.


We cup our samples using strict guidelines for conformity. We also use this process to develop our blends and ensure quality of each roasting batch.

Great Coffee Is No Mistake!

It takes passion, process, and discipline. Here is how we consistently deliver exceptional coffee.


We develop roasting profiles on our Diedrich Sample roaster according to desired taste for each bean. Our Diedrich drum roaster accentuates these flavour profiles.


Being a limited quantity, small-batch, roaster means our quality is consistently exceptional. It takes more work, but the proof is in the cup.

Not Sure Which Coffee Is Right For You?

Looking for a lighter tasting, smooth blend?

Roast: Light/Medium

Notes: Smooth, Medium Body, Layered Flavours

Want a full-flavoured decaf?

Try our Decaf

Roast: Medium

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Smooth Citrus 

Do you enjoy trying different coffees from various regions?

Roast: Medium

Notes: Various Depending on the Single Origin

Looking for a different Espresso with layered flavours

Roast: Medium

Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Cherry

Enjoy A Dark Roast Coffee?

Try our Dark Roasts

Roast: Dark

Notes: Campfire-Almond, Apple Toffee, Chocolate Raisin

Coffee Subscriptions

We are very happy to report that by popular demand all of our coffee is now available by subscription!

You choose the bean, quantity and desired delivery schedule, and we’ll do the rest!